Dream Symbol – Sharks

Yes, it’s true shark week is upon us. What better way to celebrate shark week than to discuss what sharks represent in our dreams? 

When you think of sharks do you think of the original thriller ‘Jaws’, directed by Steven Spielberg?  When I think of this movie, I feel a little old. It was made in 1975 (I didn’t know it was that old). It was considered one of the best American thrillers on the market. 

If not that one, how about the movie ‘The Shallows’, directed by Jaume Collet-Serra starring Blake Lively? ‘The Shallows’ is by far one of my favorite movies. Great movie full of jump scares and ‘OH MY GOSH’ moments. 

There’s also a movie called ’47 Meters Down’ directed by Johannes Roberts starring Mandy Moore. ’47 Meters Down’ makes me feel like I can’t breathe. This movie consists of being stuck underwater with the horror of a shark chasing you! There are so many movies that involve sharks. These are just a few of my favorites.

Let’s jump right into the deep end and learn what dreaming of sharks represents. You might be surprised to learn that dreaming of sharks isn’t a common occurrence. When we do dream about sharks, however, means we are feeling lost and unprotected. You may feel insecure as well as lack confidence. 

The lack of confidence in yourself may allow others to take advantage of you as they can see this weakness. Your desire to be liked and intimate leads you to be very gullible and possibly too forgiving.

Additional Meaning of Sharks:

  • Shark In The Water – You may have an argument or fight with someone close to you regarding a misunderstanding that could be considered jealousy. 
  • Run From A Shark – Reconciliation with someone important to you.
  • Shark On The Land – You will achieve all of the goals you have planned such as a new job, relationship, etc. 
  • Shark Attack – Possibly unexpected accidents or danger in your waking life.
  • Mulitple Sharks – You may experience a challenging situation that will damage your reputation
  • Shark Bite – Decoding this dream depends on what part of the body was bitten. For example, the leg means you should think about getting a checkup in relation to your health. 
  • Eaten By A Shark – You may feel like you are helpless in a situation you feel you are unable to leave. 
  • Survive A Shark Attack – You will be able to fight off the anxiety and worry you may have been feeling as of late. 
  • Kill A Shark – You will be able to get rid of worries that have been bothering you in your waking life. It can suggest the end of bad relationships or jobs.

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