Dream Symbol – Spiders

Most of us have a fear of spiders. Just the thought of the eight-legged creators showing up in the bathtub, falling down from the ceiling unexpectedly, or running across our feet late in the evening is unnerving. If so many of us fear them then why do we dream about them?

Spiders have both a negative and positive symbolic representation. The interesting thing about dreaming of spiders is how the spider appears in your dream is mainly based on how you feel about spiders in your waking life. If you are terrified of spiders then the dream will come off as scary and could relate the following ways:

  • Someone in your waking life is being deceitful
  • You are caught in a web of lies
  • The feeling of being trapped by a situation

To put more of a positive twist on dreaming of spiders it could be seen as an alert. A simple heads-up about a sticky situation coming into your life.  Spiders can also give you an idea of how to overcome your personal situation. Think of it like this, spiders create the web, catch the problem, kill it, then finally destroy the web. Telling you to basically face the problem, work through it, and then walk away. 

Other Dream Meanings of Spiders:

  • Killing a spider in your dream: misfortune and bad luck may be on the way. (Just breathe and think positive thoughts. Maybe look up the Law of Attraction)
  • Dead spider: You have overcome strong temptation. (This is a good thing! Good job, give yourself a pat on the back!)
  • Different colored or rainbow-colored spider: Alert telling you to avoid a situation (This is a big stop sign. Maybe a few red lights flashing too!)
  • Spider making a web: You’ve been working hard and your hard work will be rewarded. (Time to party!)
  • Spider coming down from the ceiling: You are not able to leave or escape a relationship. 
  • Eating a spider or a spider is in your mouth: You have control in a situation and are not scared to show dominance. (Kind of gross but you get the point.)

If you have any other dream meanings put them in the comments below. 








spiders create the web, catch the problem, kill it, then finally destroy the web. 

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