Dream Symbol – Tornadoes

Twister is by far the best movie about tornadoes I’ve ever seen. Living in the midwest growing up we learned tornadoes were not something you messed around with. Sure I had dreams of becoming a tornado chaser but didn’t get very far with that dream. I decided that I couldn’t really chase them if the very thought of them terrified me. Long story short, I ventured down a different path as I got older. I do have to admit the power tornadoes show is next-level stuff. 

My love and fear of tornadoes lead me to write about what happens when we dream about them. What do they mean on our subconscious level? 

Dreaming of tornadoes is associated with feelings of:

  • worry
  • anger
  • confusion
  • rage 

Dreaming of tornadoes could be your mind’s way of denoting a large situation causing stress within your waking life. If you have a dream about multiple tornados there could be more than a few challenging situations that may be approaching.

Overall, tornadoes are alerting you that you have very strong emotions that you may be ignoring. So take note of the emotions you are holding in. You may want to consider getting those emotions out. 

To release the energy from stuck emotions when dreaming about tornadoes:

  • go for a long walk
  • workout
  • scream in a pillow (No judgment- I do this!)
  • yell in your car
  • sing really loud in the shower

 Do anything you want (within reason) to release those stuck emotions. 

If you have any other ideas on how to release the negative emotions or energy comment below!

Peace and Love Always, 


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