Dream Symbol – Zombies

Who doesn’t love a good movie or video game with zombies? When we think of zombies we think of people who are no longer living. They have a hunger for flesh and have the ability to walk, hence they are called the walking dead. Many people enjoy the concept of a zombie because it gives them the ability to show their skills as they fight them off in video games such as Fortnite. If you’ve played it you’d understand what I mean because zombies are everywhere! 

Dreaming of zombies can represent new beginnings or being overly stressed out. It may also represent the need to escape to find peace. When we dream about zombies it’s often connected to how we feel about ourselves or our environment. It shows our situation or life may be out of control.

Dreaming Meanings Of Zombies:

  • Watch a zombie apocalypse – New beginning on the way to your life
  • Fighting in a zombie invasion – You had a misunderstanding occur
  • Attacking zombies – Fearful or worried in your waking life
  • Seeing zombies – You have tough love in your waking life
  • Zombie walking towards you – Losing control in a situation in your waking life

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