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  • Artemystica

    February 13, 2021 at 12:08 pm

    I don’t *love* Biddy Tarot, but [this article on how to construct good questions]( followed by [this one on questions to avoid]( sounds like it could be helpful.

    Personally, I try to use questions that offer actionable advice. I don’t believe that tarot cards can predict the future, but if you’re asking just for “the outcome,” most people will say that it’s one of many potential futures. That’s all fine and good, but if it’s a crappy looking outcome, how do you know how to avoid it? Similarly, if it’s a good outcome, how do you move towards it? Knowing what might be ahead doesn’t help if we’re looking for action now.

    I avoid questions like:

    * What do they think about me? (that puts a third party at the center)
    * When will I X? (I don’t believe tarot can give a timeframe)
    * What will my lover look like? (I don’t believe we can get concrete details from cards)
    * Literally anything related to predicting health outcomes because I’m not a doctor

    I try to use questions like:

    * What’s one way to look at the current situation?
    * How can I better understand my feelings about X?
    * How can I best help myself?
    * How can others best help me?
    * What am I not seeing?
    * How might my past have brought me here?
    * How can I reframe the situation?
    * How can I move forward?