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  • undertheskin1

    February 13, 2021 at 12:21 pm

    🙂 people just poke the bear until it emerges from the cave.
    This is going on all around the world.
    There are women who are oppressed by men of sharia law.. they pick to choose a loss of body rights and money $$$ over the truth many times.
    I get to where i can barely pray… many people want to sing eveeryone into a daze while forgetting the truth.

    Its quite obvious when people support starbucks coffee rather than promote your art.. or anything you do.. or your face. it becomes quite clear that the world has become so superficial that all it comes down to is apperance. loss of body rights and submission.

    To be misunderstood… outcasted..ridiculed.. put into a corner.. to just let fester… people will sign petitions for Justin Bieber.. but the last thing will do is promote underdogs.. outcasts..

    it becomes quite clear which messages are approved by the state and the organized churches and what messages are outcasted to the depths.

    The children of this generation are being masked and suppressed and no one seems to understand how hard this will affect a childrens growth period.

    They are programmed to not speak since its hard to hear them with a mask.
    This is why.. when people are around wearing masks… people talk less.. You dont see them smiling.
    They are programmed to becomes slaves for the dollar. Even dismissing their own body right.

    Archangel Michael is not pleased with women right now..