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  • boredeverysecond

    February 13, 2021 at 12:27 pm

    Ohh great explaination! I hve been rlly confused abt twinflames lately. There is this guy who came in my dreams nd suddenly I got stumbled upon twinflame posts…and then after knowing that guy came in my dream again saying we r past life lovers and he showed me a pic of 2 people hugging and I felt so connected….and that guy backhuhhed me…I felt wo safe…I hvnt been able to get him out of my mind . I hve been seeing angel number…like 1111…222..333..444…888..555..777 and like much more continuously…now it has lessened…and now I think I’m going through another spiritual awakeing…I just think abt him 24/7….and I hve searched many things abt them…and everyone says that intense feeling of home and….I feel that when I think of him…sometimes it’s so intense that I just wanna shut this chapter in my life lol but I just cant stop thinking abt him…I hve to now work on myself…and many readings said that he also got dreams abt me and recently got out of a relationship but I just cant trust readings to be 100% accurate cause tarot cards give u wht u want…thnk u for this post ❤