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  • teatimewithbatman1

    February 13, 2021 at 12:27 pm

    Ive always wondered if my TF could be my best friend of 13 years…of whom i never really gave a chance at dating…because well shes like my sister.
    Super weird relationship through the years to say the least. I wouldnt be one to say twin flames even exist, however for some reason with this freaking girl…THIS FREAKING GIRLLL. One night after a party, around 5am, we lay down and put on some astral projection music to go to sleep ..LoFL .sleep…ya no. We layed down at the exact same time coincidentally and we mentally blasted into a void of pure white light of which felt like an orgasm times 1000% and having so much love your entire awareness becomes intoxicated in awe from the brilliance of god. We both became spinning balls of bright light within this void and our thoughts became one. (She thought, i thought, she thought, i thought) perfect harmony. Still to this day cannot actually convince myself shes a twin flame. But cannot get rid of the idea of it. Because how in the literal fuck do you have a transcendental experience with another person for no reason