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  • mostdelicatemoss

    February 13, 2021 at 12:27 pm

    Can twin flames be in multiple stages at once, or frequently repeat stages in small cycles? (ie my health is declining causing me a bunch of stress and to distance myself, my partner gives chase to show he’s there and will care for me then remembers to back off a bit as I’m easily overwhelmed and then I am drawn right back in and feel better, then we shift roles for a few weeks and on and on lol. Would this be evidence of being in a longer stage or repeating them?)

    My partner and I have CRAZY coincidences in our lives, very similar trauma, and are very much opposite sides of the same coin in some regards while being the same in others. Like uncanny coincidences. We both are physically and mentally disabled so struggle a lot in general, but our struggles and bumps in the road have been easily overcome. We feel extreme magnetism towards each other and have talked all the time about how we wish we could fuse like on Steven Universe or combine to be a person together. We joke that when we die whomever goes first will wait for the other so our enemies can combine (or recombine i guess!) I feel so strongly connected to him and he does to me, we often pick up on each others thoughts, emotions, physical and mental pain, etc without them mentioning it and I definitely feel like he knows me better than I know myself sometimes. We often struggle in similar ways at similar times and both struggle with self care while being good at taking care of others, so we sometimes use each other as motivation to care for ourselves ????

    Are twin flame relationships always so painful and toxic? We are definitely past our honeymoon phase and while we have little spats sometimes I can’t see us hurting each other like has been described even at our worst. (Our worst was him accidentally getting black out drunk on new years, mildly hurting my feelings then taking a walk to think without telling me which I misinterpreted as him leaving and was distraught, so then he comforted me before falling apart for hating himself for hurting me so I comforted him till he passed out and felt better ???????????? )

    Whether or not he is my twin flame i am fully committed to and hopeful about our relationship, my guides and family all love him and support us together which is so wonderful!