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  • cookiesforwookies69

    February 13, 2021 at 12:27 pm

    Just had my first “karmic relationship” recently (at the near end of my 20’s).

    Karmic flame In a nutshell: she was a Venezuelan Stripper/hooker who I met when visiting a friend in PR; she was squatting at his house in Puerto Rico, kinds muscled her way in- as my friend is a bit spineless when it comes to gorgeous Latina women.

    He was looking for a way to get rid of her, as she was squeezing every last dollar out of him that she could.
    (So naturally I fell head over heels for her-
    I wish I was joking.)

    Long story short, she gets kicked out of my friends pad after she called the cops on him;
    she thought he was materbating with her cats inside the room with him (I asked him, he said he wasn’t, shes just power-tripping.)

    We talk for a bit long distance, but she ends up flipping on me (shocker) and essentially calls me a pussy over text; more or less takes her frustration out on me, since she is now currently homeless by her own doing-and she blocked me, lol.

    Post experience thoughts:
    it’s such an odd feeling being atttaced to someone who’s quite literally covered in “red flags”.

    I’ve been pondering the phrase “fatal attraction” the past few days.