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  • solskinnratel

    February 13, 2021 at 2:42 pm

    You know how teenagers typically try to “find” themselves? I was a teen in the late 2000s and early 2010s, when online quizzes that weren’t buzzfeed were popular, and I loved taking the “who are you” type quizzes. This lead to more prediction-based quizzes. Then there was an ad for online tarot card readings- like you choose one card from the fan in front of you and it was probably flash based, idk. I did that. Then I stopped being so interested in online “self exploration” because college. I studied physical sciences and most of the time, my studies were very logical. I’ve always had a way of somehow knowing things and making connections, and that was useful for college, but my studies were so rigorous and so “by the book” that I didn’t have time for “frivolous” things.

    Anyway, a few years later I was at a coworker-turned-best friend’s house and saw tarot cards. I was interested. She did some readings with me over the course of a year maybe. I just found… drawn to it. I could *feel* what card to choose. Information I could glean from it was accurate if I listened. I wouldn’t say I was “lost” at the time, but I was struggling with deciding my next steps career wise and not feeling like I was good enough- I didn’t leave college feeling as successful as others due to illness changing my plans, so I felt like I was in limbo. Having something that I didn’t have to think logically about, that seemed to come naturally, that offered insight and kicked my ass almost like a therapist… That finally prompted me to find my own deck in 2019 I think, which then spiraled and now I have idk maybe 20 tarot and oracle decks.