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Home Forums Astrology What’s your Mars sign and how do you hunt? Reply To: What’s your Mars sign and how do you hunt?

  • kjeezy0127

    February 13, 2021 at 3:52 pm

    Mars in Libra-and I prefer to be hunted rather than hunt when it comes to dating. However, I’m a guy so I’m expected to take the intiative. If I find a girl and the chemistry is there and she’s fun to talk too, I’ll take the initiative there.

    For jobs, just being strategic and making sure I’m applying to solid jobs with potential. Also jobs that I feel like I got an great chance of getting based on the job requirements.

    Also my Mars is in the 3rd house, which adds drive for me to learn and expand my knowledge about my intellectual interests. I also like taking short trips from time to time.