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Home Forums Astrology What’s your Mars sign and how do you hunt? Reply To: What’s your Mars sign and how do you hunt?

  • MissAthenaWu

    February 13, 2021 at 3:52 pm

    Cancer Mars, with Mars in my 1H, conjunct my Cancer Rising, square both my Aries Venus and my Libra Jupiter.

    I love my Cancer Mars when I’m angry, because it stops me from making a fight and I just reply in a way that keep me out from the conflicts.

    But as for the career such as dreams, it’s really the worst placement, I guess… I feel like I always make up a reason for not going it. If it’s something small then I’m the just-do-it type and start directly, thanks to my Aries Sun and Mars in my 1H. But when it comes to BIG stuff, I still see myself in the same place over years…

    An example could be that I can easily open a webshop, online projects, being the first one who buy stuff from new websites when other are not sure, and so on.

    But stuff like move overseas to pursue my dream as a singer and actress is something I haven’t done anything for… Maybe also because I have Saturn in my 9H.

    As for love, I don’t do anything. Since I don’t want anyone, because of my Uranus sextile Moon and square Venus. But when I was little, I was “in love” with some handsome boys at school and I was also so obvious like this ????????hahaha! Kinda make a joke of it myself and everyone knew about it even the guys, but they never liked me back hahahah! And it wasn’t love since I just liked their face and didn’t even talk to them more then hi hahahha!