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Home Forums Astrology Can someone give me an accurate description of Capricorn Reply To: Can someone give me an accurate description of Capricorn

  • saturnsaidso

    February 13, 2021 at 4:24 pm


    The initiation of winter proper is the beginning of Capricorn. When the sun reaches its lowest point the domain of Saturn becomes official.. for two whole signs during the coldest months. If you live somewhere temperate you may not have developed a realistic understanding of Capricorn, but if you live in a typical northerly place you know how different life is during the winter. Water freezes, nature is dead or hiding, seasonal depression is more common, vitamins, nutrients, moisture, and animating heat and light are heavily rationed. New things don’t generally grow and species aren’t trying to procreate. What has been put in place (the local power plant, the plows and salt, food supply lines same as the squirrel’s stash of nuts) must serve life until nature becomes more hospitable again or it will fail.