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Home Forums Astrology Can someone give me an accurate description of Capricorn Reply To: Can someone give me an accurate description of Capricorn

  • bluecryptid

    February 13, 2021 at 4:24 pm

    It can present in the ways most think of, but not always. I am a cap moon and venus who doesn’t relate to the whole businessman archetype. Think of Capricorn as the practical, hard worker. It is associated with the element of earth, so material matters. It is associated with tradition as well.

    I think the whole material, career, and hard work thing has given it the business association it has today. Tradition doesn’t have to be what’s commonly accepted as tradition. It can be family traditions or your own. Perhaps you prefer doing things one way, because its worked before.

    Capricorn can be very funny, just not in the way people expect. It can be subtle, dry, sarcastic, or blunt. Sometimes people may not even realize it’s a joke.

    As people with personal Cap placements, we’re not completely unemotional. We’re just unsure of how to navigate and/or show them, or we’re more grounded.

    People are intimidated by Capricorns, which probably causes a lot of misunderstandings. Capricorns can be warm and loving in their own ways.