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  • Hannahleemay

    February 13, 2021 at 5:19 pm

    Hi everyone. I asked the question “what happens if I stay in my work group?” because I wanted to leave. One member was making uniformed decisions and I felt like it was heading in a bad direction. My input was not being listened to so ultimately I left based on these cards. The World card confused me but I do believe that the Knight of Pentacles would indicate my dissatisfaction with going along with the group goals. If I had to I would ultimately accept what their decision is but i would feel the burden of having to do much of the brunt work since I am the one who is more knowledgeable on the material they were studying. (Which is why I disagreed with their plan).
    The ten of swords may indicate to me that the person in the group making the plans could eventually betray me. I noticed early on that she was quick to want to throw people under the rug. One student was not responding in the group and she immediately told me we should complain to the superior about it. She was also very disagreeable with me about my suggestions. I do not know why the World card showed up. I actually got the Wheel of Fortune card yesterday when I asked a similar question about the group, and as you know those two cards are closely related. Yesterday I thought it indicated I might have some success with the group but now I think maybe I need to bring closure to my experience with the group. Maybe leaving it would bring me the closure I need. I would love to know what you think.