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Home Forums Psychic I feel like the universe has given me a gift I can’t quite grasp Reply To: I feel like the universe has given me a gift I can’t quite grasp

  • undertheskin1

    February 13, 2021 at 7:24 pm

    yep this is me too. 100 percent. you take away my body rights and freedom of speech and im not ur friend anymore. *EDIT
    people connect with you they can look into your soul through your eyes. your eyes a vibrant and caring, and your soul gravitates others to you.
    And this is where is gets scary. People will tell you everything but when it comes to you, they start to lose interest. They becomes obsessed with you to the point where you are simply their emotional tool.
    Because hardly anyone else will listen to them, so they tell you everything… You accept it… but when you start expressing your beliefs.. all of a sudden they consider you a witch or evil.
    You push an empathic person to the edge of spirit talking, and summoning is what is happening in the world.
    Empaths will have an absolute revenge of fury upon those who want them oppressed.
    You emotions and spirit it was draws people to you, animals come to you and love you, nature sings to you.
    because your actually a good soul, and people WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF YOU.
    to the point where you feel nothing but hate and pain and then the pain feels good. and then it just gets more complex.

    Empaths are a gift to the earth, until people want to take their body rights away they can become your worst enemy.