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  • AnaAlesea

    February 13, 2021 at 7:36 pm

    Hello, I am a multi faceted well-versed medium. I can assist you with connecting to people who have passed on, I can assist you with connecting to aspects of yourself that you feel like you have lost connection to, I can assist you with current issues past issues and aligning everything and helping things come full circle to help you really truly gain control of your current reality. I use the spirit science patch tarot deck to help me with visualizations is it necessary now but it does definitely help both you and I with receiving and transmitting messages. I also use a spirit song deck which is a spirit animal deck each deck has a animal on it to picks a different energy that helps tie what you’re going through to a different layer or a different dimension of reality that is fully present in relatable to who you are in your situations. I also use a Saint and angels oracle deck to really bring everything home. These are the clarifiers they are not as detailed as the others but the cards are not where the messages come from being a medium and not interpreting a textbook definition of a card to you like most readers do and these are not my words these are the words of my clients and what they have told me their experience with me is. My readings are $1 a minute with a minimum of 10 minutes, I am currently excepting PayPal, Venmo, cash app, or Apple Pay for payments method. I also perform my readings via voice message, you do not need to respond or communicate to me back in voice message but because of the lengthy descriptions that I provide it works best for me to send voice messages so that you not only understand the full extent of what I’m saying but that you also hear it in a different consciousness so you hear it from a different person rather than hearing it in the voice that you read it with inside your head and by doing so the messages resonate with you On a deeper level. I’ll strive to provide the best reading I can for everyone for whatever desire time slot they choose the longer that you choose to read with me the more in depth we can go and the more information you will receive the shore to the reading the last information I can process and translate or transmute for you from your non-physical cooperative components. I’m always excited to bring on new clients I welcome all challenges I welcome all people from all walks of life from everywhere around the world and I truly cannot wait to bring you whatever messages are waiting for you.Your loved ones want to communicate with you just as much as you want to communicate with them and they already are it’s just about learning how to decipher it, so book you’re reading with me and not only receive one reading, Literally build a relationship with a medium who has your best interest at heart and wants to see you thrive through your experience with the non-physical/ spiritual aspects of yourself.