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Home Forums Tarot Asking about one topic but feeling like your reading answers a different question/topic? Reply To: Asking about one topic but feeling like your reading answers a different question/topic?

  • Endless_Ambiguity

    February 13, 2021 at 9:14 pm

    This has happened to me a few times too! I find that the readings don’t go too well when I ask the same thing too often, ask the wrong question/involve things I can’t directly control, or try to force my own desired outcome on the reading because I want something so bad.

    In my experience the cards tell me what I need to know, not necessarily the same as what I WANT to know. I’ve been redirected many times with readings that make zero sense regarding my question and it’s been a matter of me focusing on the wrong things at the wrong time, or focusing on the wrong things period. I journal what the readings tell me and how it made me feel, then compare the readings and try to piece the meanings together like a story.

    Other times too, when I’ve exhausted my resources and couldn’t make sense of a reading (not to sound all woo here) I just ask my higher self/ spirit guides to please help me understand. I usually get my answer in my dreams. And I’m always surprised how the simple act of letting go (of my preconceived notions) can bring so much clarity to what the cards are really telling me.

    If at this point I still can’t make sense of the cards, I usually leave it alone for a week or so and do some shadow work to find out what’s really going on in my life that’s holding me back from going into the next level. There are times when we use the cards as a crutch to make the decisions for us, when really they’re just a reflection of our inner world that needs our attention before we can make that step forward into the right direction.