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  • IAmMissingNow

    February 3, 2021 at 7:18 am

    The hidden and reveal spread

    Deck: Oracle of Shadow and Light by Lucy Cavendish

    Question: What is he thinking and feeling?

    1: What is hidden from me? (Lantern fairy-A clear solution) Things are changing and I need to trust it. Old shields need to be let down because they are barriers now. Go towards light, remove myself from darkness.

    2: What is being shown to me?: (Faceless ghosts and the haunted girl-Ghost people) Everyone wants to help and everyone has an answer but it’s based on their own agenda. They have their own beliefs and are desperate to drag you into it. Stand true to yourself and be your own person. Until they find their own selves and commit they are just faceless ghosts devouring your energy.

    3: Why have I attached them to me? (The three fates-What comes around…) This is a lesson in life. This is helping me grow. Life is a constant do-over, it can be re-worked and learned from. This is a karmic lesson. Learn from this and be able to teach others too.

    4: what is it I must do now? (out trick-or-treating) It’s up to you now to see the truth; either based on how it looks or to push back old conditioning and thought patterns. If you choose the latter you’re in for a world of treats. All you need is courage.

    My notes: I thought this reading was for me but as I was typing this all out I realized it’s actually from his perspective and it made so much more sense. But now I’m really dissociative and don’t feel all there. Weird.