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Home Forums Tarot Any Karmic Soulmate readers want to help interpret this spread ? Reply To: Any Karmic Soulmate readers want to help interpret this spread ?

  • SasoAkasuna

    February 3, 2021 at 7:36 am

    So like, karmic relationships are meant to teach you a leason, if you dont learn it, then things will just repeat themselves over and over and over again, you mentioned the issues that both of you have, this is something that you need to heal within yourself, and the same for the other person.
    You both need to work individually on your personal flaws in other for this connection to actually work and be somethin positive.

    So like, on the 8 of Cups and the 6 of Swords I can see the whole separation and getting back together cicle you mentioned, the separation is meant to happen, it is meant to help you both have some time to analyze what caused it and how to work on those issues within yourselves.

    Seeing the cards its almost as if you of you IS growing, and hoping that the other person did the same, giving this connection a second chance, while the other (like on the 5 of Cups) is just feeling bad for the situation and themselves but not actually doing anything.
    This is why karmic relationships are a bit hard, you can do your part, but if the other person is just ignoring their own issues then nothing will really change.
    Most likely they will need a bit of a push, some help, like on the 2 of Cups! For things to actually change.

    I hope I made sense and this helps a bit, Im a bit sleepy so sorry if I rambled a bit!
    Wish you the best luck!