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Home Forums Astrology Attracted to people with a specific birthday? Reply To: Attracted to people with a specific birthday?

  • scarlettlyonne

    February 3, 2021 at 7:40 am

    Not any specific days, but I’ve found myself most attracted to Taurus men, and February Aquarius men, too!

    In fact, out of all the guys I’ve in a relationship with in my life, only two weren’t Taurus suns. One was a Cancer, and I found him to be too intense as the relationship went on, and the other was a Gemini…we were definitely better off as friends! I’ve always had great friendships with Geminis though, so it makes sense.

    It just seems that, whenever I’m attracted to anyone, be it a celebrity or somebody I know in real life, they’re always born in March or April, or slightly early to mid February.

    (For reference, I’m a Leo sun, Sag moon, and Aquarius rising).