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  • TechIsDumb

    February 3, 2021 at 10:37 am

    The year’s central dialogue: to balance and develop my intense but intermittent focus and will with my shadow self. To see that which I am doing for what it is and not for what I fool myself into believing. My life has been a series of calamities revolving around following my fire to the detriment of my own health and the health of those around me, and it must not continue as such.

    January: A time to celebrate the connections I have for with my lovers but also to work through unresolved issues that I have been keeping to myself. I should come out of this month secure in my relationships through dialogue and through ensuring that we are building a mutual future for ourselves—building our house together as it were.

    February: A time to sort out my scattered sense of the future and the course which I set both for myself and those I love and care about.

    March: A time to take the lessons of February and find the voice of the child that have carried from birth. To be open and uncalloused in my search for productive and peaceful ways of living.

    April: A time to let things go and really appreciate the friendships and abundance that I have in my life. This is easier because of my meditations in March. The weather will be getting tantalizingly nice here in the PNW and we should take advantage of it.

    May: An auspicious draw considering my Saturn return will be this month. What have I been able to carry with me all this time, and what will need to change in the next act of my life? The Emperor is the immutable ways of being we have built for ourselves. Civilization is made of raw materials and infinite potential formed into single-use structures. It is the bows of our tree that we have purposefully or accidentally sawed off that give the rest light and purpose. Now that I am entering middle age, how can I make the most of the self I have made for myself?

    June: The month in which my return to school would happen, if I successfully am admitted. Is it the burden of so much more structure than I am used to that calls out in this draw, or the oppression of uncertainty that clouds my path right now?

    July- December: There are so many unknowns that I can only fathom what the second half of the year holds, but I’m sure as the time draws more near I will know what I am to do.

    – Using partner’s Wild Unknown deck
    – 12 month spread with January at the top and circling clockwise.
    – Central cards represent the central conflict/dialogue for the year.