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  • pauliners

    February 3, 2021 at 8:30 pm

    Being in prision means being stuck in a situation you don´t seem to have control and is guilty in a way. Stabbing people with a knife means you´re killing the particular archetypes with reason, rational thoughts.

    Being shot in the chest can represent being affected and loss of vitality (both physical and emotional) in the area. The chest has the main organs to make the body function properly, including the heart and again, both physical and metaphorical meanings for what the heat represent. You´re in need of psychological healing but is somehow is against it.

    Regardless of taking a break from weed, the messages are a portrait of your inner world. Seems like you need to look for psychological help for your issues because this energy can and will affect your body – a psychosomatic disease in the chest area