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Home Forums Astrology What synastry aspects did you have with lovers who you felt the strongest bond with? Reply To: What synastry aspects did you have with lovers who you felt the strongest bond with?

  • love2pleaseyetbratty

    February 3, 2021 at 10:15 pm

    One person comes to mind and we share these aspects:

    My ascendant conjunct his Venus

    His Venus square my sun/MC

    His Venus square my nodes

    Mars conjunct Mars

    My Venus conjunct his Mars

    His sun conjunct my Venus

    His moon conjunct my sun/MC/south node

    My Venus/Mars conjunct his Lilith

    My Venus in the house/sign of his stellium

    My Venus sextile his Jupiter

    My Mars/Venus square his Neptune

    His Jupiter square my Saturn

    My Venus opposite his north node

    The sex is absolutely mind blowing. It’s like he can read every thought and implement it without needing to ask

    Romantically, I scare the fuck out of him. We’ve played a game of cat and mouse/break up and make up so many times. It’s like we can’t get away from one another. We’ve both described the other person as “magnetizing”

    Since I don’t have an exact birth time I know I can’t read info houses, my theory about why I intimidate him lies with his Lilith conjunct my Mars and Venus.

    Lilith, being Adam’s first wife, embodies the strong, powerful passionate woman. Some astrologers say Lilith in a man’s chart can describe his ideal woman.

    Given that it falls right in between my closely conjunct Venus and Mars, I believe his Lilith placement is magnified by this. And since Venus conjunct Mars in a natal described a native as passionate and sexual

    In any event, we instantly connected the second we met and haven’t been able to stay away from each other