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  • rahxephon52

    February 4, 2021 at 8:55 pm

    started tarot 1/2 year ago..

    I have 9 decks so far.. going to collect more because I just love the art for some of them.

    I use a regular rider waite to practice because that’s like the go to for beginner’s I believe. Also I use that deck when I am practicing reading for others.

    then I have a deck I use exclusively for myself for more spiritual type question and I don’t use that deck for mundane questions. just how I like to approach it. there isn’t a rule or anything like that it’s really up to you.

    then the other various deck I pick and choose depending on my mood. I think in terms of physical wear and tear, it depends on how you shuffle ur deck. I tend to shuffle lightly for decks that are more costly.. and for the regular rider waite, I riffle shuffle the heck out of it. lol. but for rare decks or costly decks you won’t want to do that. is probably better if you overhand shuffle for those.