May 21 - Jun 20

All About Gemini:

Gemini’s are social animals and like to surround themselves with people. Being born under the planet Mercury, they are never more pleased than when they are sharing concepts and tasks with those around them. They love to talk and tend to list communication as extremely high on their top priorities. Sometimes their interest in socializing can make them appear loaded with anxious, seemingly crazy energy.

They can often be discovered in tasks and careers that involve a big amount of correspondence and socializing. They are extremely curious individuals that like to ask questions. They are great at celebrations and will always discover something to talk about with anybody they feel a connection with. They are often up to date with the current news and trends, and they produce witty and amusing conversationalists.

Individuals who fall under the zodiac sign of Gemini love to travel as this allows them to meet individuals from new walks of life, take part in new experiences and indulge their naturally curious natures. Those born under the zodiac sign Gemini are an air sign and as such have an easily adjustable personality. They like new experiences and like to shake up every element of their lives at the drop of a hat. Because of their desire to seek novel experiences, they typically need variety and great deals of mental stimulation. Without that, they get rather tired. Imaginative and curious, they make great business owners, designers, and artists.

Ruled By The 3rd House - Communication:

The position of the third house in Gemini is the most natural of all positions. The Gemini always has a clever approach, clarity in their words, and the same clarity in their mind. Communication is an important part of a Gemini’s individual’s life.

Depending on the position and the self-respect of Mercury, we can see how tough or positive their emotional world really is. Often, these individuals require a healthy routine and to develop respect for time and their own body in order to be pleased and learn to get in sync with and speak from their heart.

Ruled By The Planet MERCURY:

Gemini is chatty, social, and intellectual individuals just like its ruling planet Mercury. Mercury is the planet known for interaction and thinking. In Gemini, Mercury gets to be its most articulate self. Gemini’s ever-curious and inquisitive nature jives beautifully with Mercury’s propensity for sharing details and learning new things. As a thought-driven air sign, Gemini is both quick-thinking and quick-witted, which is due to the impact of its judgment planet.


“Gemini’s are very talkative, deceptive, but yet cunning. They tend to live in the moment which may create a sense that they could have a different personality with each moment. “

Aries have a rather aggressive and stubborn nature which can often make them difficult to manage. With less competitive signs there can be many arguments to be had. Aries can often come across as arrogant and in need of attention because of their stubbornness and their desire to push individuals to challenge themselves.

They can get very single minded when dealing with jobs and come across as selfish, completely unaware of how their actions impact others as they relentlessly push themselves towards their goals. They can also discover it hard to endure being patient with people who aren’t as determined or energetic as they are. Being quick tempered, they take little care of being diplomatic.


“Gemini individuals are agile, communicative, and adaptable. They are very intelligent and informative.”

Gemini zodiac signs are very captivating individuals that tend to be social butterflies. They frequently have a magnetic charisma and draw people into their circle. Many of them tend to make amusing buddies. Being of the component air, judgment over intelligence, ideas, and communication, their focus is more mental than psychological. They reside in the world of the mind rather than emotions.

Individuals who are born under this sign tend to dislike boredom. Gemini’s are known for making their own fun. Due to their curious nature, they frequently have plenty of knowledge for a variety of topics and can be viewed as intriguing individuals. They seem to know little bits about nearly everything, but outside a couple of subjects, they will have little thorough understanding about them. 

Love & Relationships:

Love and relationships can often be challenging with Gemini individuals as they get bored very quickly. They require a lot of activity and intellectual stimulation to stay interested in a relationship. They frequently have a lot of short relationships due to dullness. It is rather hard to get them to be dedicated to a relationship, as they desire their flexibility and freedom. 

After a long period of time flirting through one relationship to another, many of them will soon find they are missing something that they can’t describe – generally the depth of feeling and that one normally discovers in a committed relationship. At the same time, however, they may also be terrified of it – the emotional intimacy may be foreign to them which may make them feel vulnerable.

Gemini individuals are very captivating, and they tend to be caring and open individuals. Understand their need to sometimes stretch the truth in stories as this can get them into trouble. They will also push their partners to be the best that they can be, encouraging them to think outside the box and motivating them to be more creative with their lives.