How do they feel about you right now🥰💕🤗| Pick a card | Love tarot reading| Timeless

Hello YouTube! Welcome to my channel Love Truth and Wisdom tarot guidance! My name is Sharnetta. I hope you guys enjoy the video!😊 Pick the pile(s) your most drawn to to reveal your message💕

Time is fluid, so Whenever this reading finds you is when you’re meant to hear this message. This guidance is general in nature; trust your intuition on what is right for you!

Pile 1 blue lace Agate – 1:46
Pile 2 cats eye – 14:04
Pile 3 Amethyst – 26:46

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My name is Sharnetta. I am a Scorpio🌞 and rising, and a cancer🌙. I am empath, light worker, tarot and oracle card reader and spiritual advisor. I use tarot and oracle cards as a way to gain self awareness, self love, and self knowledge. I have been intuitively reading tarot since 2015. I believe the only thing we really only have power over is ourselves, so one of my favorite tools I use to empower myself and others is tarot and or oracle cards. I am an empath. So I use oracle and tarot cards More on a empowering level on what is happening currently, how to handle the energies or situations that have raised or may rise then telling you what’s going to happen. Because no one knows the future. I also believe that what ever you give power to is what you will manifest. Energy is fluid and is always changing and moving. But There’s always knowledge to be gained on how to be a better version of yourself❤️

Thank you!! Xoxo 💋

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