How To Become An Intuitive Marketplace Vendor

If you haven’t had enough of this incredible network, then stop by the Intuitive Marketplace. The Owners of Intuitive Lifestyles Consulting sell products as well as give individuals and businesses the ability to have their own storefront on the site to sell their products.

“The Marketplace is a new feature on the site with the potential to grow quickly. Currently, the marketplace contains a wide variety of items such as totems, aromatherapy, candles, merchandise, inspiration wall art, and much more. We wanted to have a place for not only an individual to sell their products but businesses too. If you prefer to buy your products from your favorite hometown store but can’t make the drive then stop in at the Intuitive Lifestyles Marketplace,” says Robert Cain Co-founder of Intuitive Lifestyles Consulting.

Intuitive Lifestyles Consulting is a US-based company focused on the well-being and spiritual healing of all individuals. The network’s goal is to guide people on their journey not only to be their best version of themselves but to help grow others across the world. 

How Much Does It Cost To Be A Vendor?

  • $5/month for the storefront with a small processing fee on each order.

How Do You Sign-Up?

How Do I Add A Product?

  • Once you have activated your Storefront, click on ‘Products’
  • Add New Product Screen – You can add your product picture, Price, Discounted Price, Category, etc. 

If you have any issues or need a new category created send a request to

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