How To Become An IntuitiveTV Influencer

One of the best sections on Intuitive Lifestyles Consulting is a section called IntuitiveTV. It’s now one of the world’s largest Psychic & Mediumship TV social networks and they are excited to bring a wide variety of videos to their viewers. Intuitive Lifestyles Consulting is continuously adding NEW sections that cover highly requested categories like: Tarot card reading, Mediumship, Psychic reading, Crystals, and many others.

With more than 120,000 viewers monthly, searching for Tarot card readings, Psychic-related videos, Crystals, and how-to’s, Intuitive Lifestyles Consulting continuously adds creators like yourself to fill this demand! All you have to do is join and add your YouTube channel then everything else is done for you.

Just continue creating your usual content on YouTube and their IntuitiveTV program will follow your channel around from now on. Every time you upload a new YouTube video, your content will automatically be shared with the network to be seen by millions of people starting today!

How Does IntuitiveTV Work?

  • Connect Your Channel
    • Once you’ve selected your plan. You will be given an IntuitiveTV account that will follow your YouTube channel content from now on.
  • Automatic Video Posting
    • Each time you post a new video on YouTube your IntuitiveTV account will automatically post that video to our network
  • Seen by 120k Visitors a Month
    • Each month we have over +120k visitors to our site. Your videos are placed throughout the site catching their eye.
  • 3rd Party Feeds
    • Every day 100’s of new websites, bloggers, etc. join to share our latest content, AKA your videos. Your IntuitiveTV account will be included in our RSS feeds and shared.

How Much Does IntuitiveTV Cost?

If you add your account you will get 30 days FREE! After that, it’s only $5/month.

How Do I Sign-Up For IntuitiveTV?

  1. Go to Intuitive Lifestyles Consulting Home Page
  2. Click on IntuitiveTV in the Main Menu
  3. Click on Add My Channel
  4. Click on ‘Get Started’

Frequently Asked Questions:

  • How do you connect to my YouTube Channel?
    • Your IntuitiveTV profile will connect directly to your YouTube channels feed. This feed will read every few hours to check for new videos. If there is one, your IntuitiveTV account will automatically post it to our network.

  • Do you need my YouTube Login Info?
    • No, we use your public video feed. This way we are not showing any of the videos you’ve labeled as private.
  • Published a new video, how long does it take to show up on IntuitiveTV?
    • Your IntuitiveTV profile will check your YouTube channel every 3 hours for new videos.
  • How does the 3rd part RSS feeds work?
    • When you join IntuitiveTV your videos go into our shared RSS feed database. This database allows other websites and bloggers to easily embed this feed onto their sites. In return, they get new content from you and you get new eyes on your videos.

If you have any issues or questions send an email to

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