How to Find Your Life Path Number

In Numerology, your personal number (or life path number) is the number that represents who you are and the purpose for which your journey here is intended.

To calculate your personal number, you total the numbers in your birth date until you come to a single digit. For example, a person born on November 3, 1975 (11/03/1975) would calculate their number as follows:

11 + 3 = 14

14 + 1975 = 1989

1 + 9 + 8 + 9 = 27

2 + 7 = 9

Once you have your digit, you have your Personal Number. Keep reading for a little bit about each of the personal numbers (1 through 9).

1: The Leader

Ambitious and original, these are innovators whose positives include enthusiasm and drive. Negatives include selfishness and the tendency to bowl people over in pursuit of their goals.

2: The Idealist

Fixers by birth, those with this number are peacemakers who seek to right wrongs and to create balance. Faced with obstacles, 2s can become pessimistic and thwart any ability to make progress.

3: The Artist

Creative and expressive, 3s live to the fullest and experience many highs and lows. Fun to be around, they are optimistic (sometimes overly so), mercurial, and sometimes escapist as well as occasionally intolerant of others.

4: The Planner

Gifted in practical matters, 4s have the ability to make things happen. They are willing to work to get things done, but as a result, can be dogmatic and often lack the tact it takes to deal with people’s feelings because they exist in a world of thoughts.

5: The Adventurer

Freedom-loving by nature, 5s are dominated by the desire for thrills. As a result, they’re trailblazers and risk-takers who can get restless and self-indulgent when they feel fenced in.

6: The Nurturer

Numerology’s mother (or father, as it were), people born with the personal number 6 are responsible caretakers who are known to offer advice and support. A tendency to become overwhelmed and be too hard on people (namely themselves) comes as part of the package.

7: The Thinker

Sometimes isolationist, these intellectuals are charming despite not being very social. Blessed with extraordinary intuition, trouble arises when selfishness sets in and they stop taking life seriously.

8: The Manager

Here to direct and organize others, 8s are practical, steady and hardworking with honest intentions. However, enthusiasm often falls by the wayside in favor of accomplishment, and the negative aspects — becoming dictatorial, cold, and materialistic — can be dominant.

9: The Humanitarian

With a commanding presence and the ability to make friends easily, 9s are natural philosophers. Magnetic and generous — sometimes to a fault — by nature, they feel things deeply and may struggle with the selfless nature of their purpose.

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