How To Open Your Third Eye

Our third eye, or sixth chakra, which sits between your eyebrows and helps you take advantage of your instinct in a new way, has been around for as long as you have. 

But that fact alone does not imply you understand much about it, including, on a basic level, exactly what it is, not to mention how to open your third eye and tap into your intuitive abilities. Well, how about we change all of that now!

The third eye is widely known as an energetic center also called a chakra. It is associated with the pineal and pituitary glands. Its sits on the forehead between the eyebrows. Each chakra has a specific function. The third eye chakra allows us to have clarity and additional insight into a situation. It allows us to see beyond the physical world. 

Additional insight into the third eye:

Even if you do not have your sights set on ending up being a proper clairvoyant, nevertheless, “opening” the pineal eye can still assist you to connect to your instinct and subconscious, which you can then trust for guidance.

When triggered, this energy center promotes both the left– logical and logical– and right– innovative and spiritual– hemispheres of the brain so the mind can work from a balanced location. When the pineal eye is closed or obstructed, on the other hand, you might find it tough to access or trust your intuition. 

Tips on how to unblock the third eye:

As this energy center is so essential to the healthy functioning of our minds, any clogs can lead to a regular brain fog, where we fight with concentration, have problems processing details, and are perhaps extremely indecisive.

Learning how to open your third eye isn’t something you can always achieve in an afternoon, however– it takes a whole lot of time and work, consisting of putting a strong foundation in place. 

One of my favorite meditations to clear the chakras:

When considering open the third eye, you may want to consider opening and clearing all the chakras. If you open one and the rest are blocked you could run into issues. As stated earlier, it’s best to form a strong foundation and then move forward from there. 

One important face is to keep in mind, this takes some time– so be patient with yourself along the way. With all of that in mind, keep checking out for professional ideas for how to open your pineal eye.

How To Open Your Third Eye

1. Pay attention to your dreams

Dreams can be complicated, disorienting, terrific, and frightening– but do not simply shrug them off each early morning when your alarm goes off. Journal your dreams to help you remember them. When you wake up review major themes and decode them to understand the dream symbols.

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2. Focus your meditation on your pineal eye.

Whether you use an app or practice mindfulness meditation or transcendental meditation on your own, if you’re seeking to open your pineal eye, meditation can assist with that quite a bit. 

Third Eye Meditation

3. Practice breathwork

Breathwork is an excellent tool to utilize in daily life, however, it’s specifically helpful in opening your pineal eye. 

Breathwork Meditations

4. Practice Kundalini yoga

If you have not tried Kundalini yoga yet, go for it. The spiritual and typically intense yoga practice is terrific for opening your pineal eye, particularly when you focus on particular kriyas.

Kundalini Yoga

5. Consume a nutritious diet plan

Opening your pineal eye will be a bigger obstacle if all you’re eating is unhealthy food. This is due to the fact that your food options are exceptionally essential for chakra positioning. Try adding more apple cider vinegar, goji berries, vitamin D, and spirulina. 

6. Try using important oils

Have not taken advantage of your important oil collection in a while? It’s time to start, particularly if knowing how to open your pineal eye is the goal. 

Oils to open the third eye:

7. Practice meditation with crystals

Crystals are a fantastic spiritual tool to have in your back pocket– particularly when you’re opening your pineal eye. 

Using Crystals to Open the third eye:

8. Try tapping

Possibly you’ve utilized tapping treatment (or emotional liberty technique (EFT)) to assist manage tension and stress and anxiety. The practice is also a great technique for opening the pineal eye. 

Tapping To Get Started:

9. Usage sound healing

Sound can load terrific recovery power, and can likewise be terrific for opening your third eye. Binaural beats in meditation to open the third eye would be a good place to start. Youtube is a great place to start when searching for some great binaural beats. 

Binaural beats found on YouTube:

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