Intuitive Empath Healer Training – Dark Night of The Soul – Ego Death

We specialize in guiding the Highly Intuitive Empath Sensitive To Energy through the stages of Empath Awakening. We train, educate, and certify Empath Mediums, Empath Healers, Psychic Empaths, Gifted Empaths, Sensitive Empaths, Psychic Intuitive Empaths & Psychic Medium Empaths in the Healing, Psychic Mediumship & Intuitive Arts. In our Empath Training videos, you will not only find tips on Psychic Empath Development but Empath Self Care and Empath Healing and Wellness advice.

THIS VIDEO: Empath Spiritual Awakening Help – The EGO DEATH of the Dark Night of The Soul or the Existential Crisis!

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These are tips for empaths on empath empowerment to help you reclaim your emotional baseline quickly so that you can be free to develop intuition in a clearer way!

Do you find yourself overwhelmed when you’re around people? Is it possible to control, strengthen, train & use your empathic abilities in a way that allows you to not get burned out? For those who have been emotionally overwhelmed for YEARS, it doesn’t have to be this way. Just being aware of tools and methods to help turn your empathy into a gift instead of a burden can help you feel less lost & confused or emotionally overwhelmed.
These videos are an introduction to our Zen Ed Academy Empath Spiritual Healing and Intuitive Development Courses.

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