Jul 23 - Aug 22

All About Leo:

Leo’s are bold, warm, and loving. They are also known as the ultimate showmen. They can dazzle with the theatrical style of a Broadway star and the charisma of a political leader. When you meet a Leo you will be able to clearly see that they are very captivating characters. They have a way with words and can speak eloquently on just about any subject.

Leos inject ambition into whatever they do. They are ruled by the heart. They are also very confident and trust their instincts. Leo’s have an unrelenting appetite for development that is easily satisfied by the appreciation of others.When they are hurting, however, it easily shows. They will use their anger as a protective wall to shield their vulnerabilities. Leo’s want to be perceived as solid individuals because they are terrified of any form of vulnerability.

Ruled By The 5th House - Creativity & Entertainment:

The fifth house in Leo suggests a natural rule with emphasis on one’s personality. The fifth house is known for its creative energy and the element of fun. Many will find the endless amount of energy within the zodiac sign of Leo.Those ruled by this house are found to be impressive and important. They are always on a mission to express happiness. These individuals are very aware that joy is an objective that CAN be reached.

Ruled By The SUN:

The intense spirit of Leo is the result of the Sun. Although the Sun is a star, not a planet, it is deemed to be a planet. It is thought to have been named after Apollo, the Roman Sun God. The Sun provides an energetic, lively, and forceful personality to the individuals born under the Leo zodiac. 

Sun-ruled people are moved towards the attainment of knowledge and creative achievement. This planet gives them optimism, which encourages them to accept failures as just short-term setbacks in the roadway to success. This quality is often pictured by others as symbolic of their exceptionally good luck. Such individuals have plenty of dignity, sincerity, and loyalty. They have excellent communication skills and tend to have extremely appealing characters.

The negative qualities associated with individuals controlled by the ruling planet of the Sun include the propensity to neglect little matters with an emphasis on specific popularity, rather than high accomplishment. They might also end up being too proud, insensitive, arrogant, and imperious.


“Leo individuals are driven by their egos. They also don’t react well when their ego is hurt or challenged. Their pride often gets them into trouble. A Leo individual can be stubborn, egotistic, and controlling. “

The love of being in charge and the need to drive their social groups can lead them to appear smothering to friends and family. If they are not careful, smothering friends and family could lead to being ignored. This could be seen as the worst thing that could happen to a Leo.

They are easily hurt and do not handle their insecurities well. Some Leo’s can be downright fragile when it pertains to their pride, implying they do not respond well to criticism. When they feel snubbed, they can begin to act childishly and demand attention. Deep down though their pride will never let them admit it, many Leo’s look for the approval of others. It helps them feel crucial and enjoyed.


“Individuals born under the Leo zodiac sign are very loyal and protective. They often find honesty to be a very important trait not only for them but for others as well. Leo individuals are brave, generous, and charismatic. “

As long as they feel appreciated and understand that they are loved, they will return the generosity. Leo people never avoid responsibility and will always take control of and lead when they can, eliminating the burden from others’ shoulders and enjoying the process of doing so.

They are often really caring and heroic, and at the very first indication of trouble, they are there to assist someone in need. The Leo zodiac sign is filled with a deep ethical belief that to always do what is right. Nevertheless, because of their pride, they often have difficulty accepting aid.

Love & Relationships:

Love is the most important thing in Leo’s life. They constantly need to feel valued and loved, and if they do, they return that love generously. They like all the theatrical elements of love and courtship, the snazzy dates, gestures, the romantic and pricey dinners all being ways they show both their love and their pride. They are passionate partners and bring the fires of enjoyment to all their love affairs.

The feeling of being ignored or unappreciated will greatly affect a Leo. Separations and divorce are not just painful emotional losses, but also major blows to their ego. The deep emotional effect a breakup can cause a Leo is for that reason twofold – they take it as an individual failure above all. Most Leos will do everything they can to prevent that outcome.

Leo individuals have a lot of pride which can mean they have a big issue when admitting they are wrong. It’s incredibly difficult for Leo to apologize. On the other hand, when their partners have wronged them, they forgive quite easily, so long as the apology is genuine. They are not the type to hold grudges. They also tend to fall in easily to flattery. Leo’s are generally accepting of everybody around them, and cultivate strong and long-lasting relationships.