Mastering Mediumship: The Beginners Guide

Mediumship has become quite an entertainment phenomenon in the last few years. If you have seen shows such as Long Island Medium or Matt from Meet The Frasers on E! Entertainment you know what I mean. 

These individuals show off their amazing abilities in working directly with spirit to help the living relatives find peace. Although I don’t have a TV show, I’m aware of the skillset and the practice it takes to become good a Medium. It’s not easy but it’s definitely worth it.

When starting the process, I was terrified of my gifts. I would walk past hallways, see things from the corner of my eyes, and run in fear. The lights stayed on to make sure the horrifying monsters that hid in the shadows couldn’t get me. My thought process was that if I kept the lights on, I would be safe. Looking back, it was a silly thought, but it worked for me in those terrifying moments.

As grew older, I began to question what I was afraid of. If I could see spirits and feel their presence, then why not try to communicate with them as needed instead of running away in fear? With that in mind, I began searching for answers.

Though difficult at times, it’s been a remarkable journey advancing my gifts over the years. I’ve learned that it’s very common for insecurities and uneasiness to block opening the channel to the Spirit World. If you take a deep breath, open your mind you’ll too find communicating with spirits is painless and effortless.

To help you begin to master mediumship, here are a couple of steps to grow your skillset:

1. Understand Your True Intention and Motivation

To grow or enhance this gift, you need to make sure you are coming to the table with the right intention and motivation. Mediumship should be seen to bring forward healing to relatives and loved ones as well as to show the spirit world does exist and love continues. The true motivation and intention to become a Medium should be based on service and healing not based on your egos need to be famous or show off that you have magical skills. If you can ground yourself on what your true intentions are then you will be able to set a solid foundation for Mediumship.

2. Meditation for Mediumship

Meditation may seem easy but in reality, it can be difficult for some (hand raised over here). Meditation is very important when working in the spiritual realm. It will help you focus on getting out of your own way, connecting to your energy, building up your spiritual energy, and connecting to your spiritual team.

3. Spiritual Protection

Spiritual teachers and coaches have different views on spiritual protection. Some teachers and coaches believe it to be very important and done every day while others believe it to be a trap and a misguided practice. 

I’m here to tell you my viewpoint, which is if it makes you feel comfortable then do it! If not and you don’t think you need it then, okay no judgment here. Okay, before everyone freaks out let me explain my viewpoint.

Spiritual Protection – YES

Placing white light around you, asking for more backup (angels), or any other special steps of protection you use helps you feel secure, right? If it didn’t you wouldn’t need it. Having spiritual protection placed on you especially when you begin is a good idea. 

When you first start you don’t have the full understanding of the spirits, entities, etc. that are around you. Some people think of every scary movie they’ve ever seen and believe that to be reality. My stance here is to use protection until you are fully educated to the point that you don’t feel the need to use it. You trust yourself enough to know you don’t need it. 

I’ll let you in on a secret, after years of doing this work, I still use spiritual protection. I still get uneasy at times when I come across a spirit that I’m not certain of. I also get tested; I find I will learn something new and then the universe will test me by putting my newly gained education to use. 

For those of you that don’t’ understand what I mean by the universe testing me, as you level up in Mediumship and develop stronger skillsets the universe will challenge or provide situations to test what you’ve learned. Passing or failing is purely based on how you handled the situation. I’m not ashamed to say I ask for extra help when needed in those types of situations.

Disclaimer… I’ve found that if you fail you will be tested again until you pass. Have to love the humor there.

Spiritual Protection – NO

Some believe spiritual protection isn’t needed because we are all one, we are all one human species, we are one with everything, oneness seems to be the answer. Some individuals believe if we are one, then what are you protecting yourself from? Interesting concept, right?

The next concept showing protection isn’t needed is within the law of attraction is at play. Yes, the idea is that you are attracting to you what you are consciously or unconsciously vibrating, feeling, or the beliefs you are working from. When you tell the universe you need protection, the universe will lesson. The universe will bring you those people, experiences, etc. to help reinforce the fact that you are not safe, and you need protection. Remember the Law of Attraction states we bring to us what we are focusing on, feeling, or vibing.

These are both interesting concepts. Again, my stance is it’s your reality, your life…. you decide what’s best for you. I do spiritual protection because it helps me to remain calm and feel extra safe. Also, if you keep your energy high throughout spirit contact you needn’t fret too much about harmful spirits intruding.

4. Developing Spiritual Relationships

I love my spirit team! Yes, if you didn’t already know, they each have their own personalities. Some are funny, serious, business-minded, calm, etc. It’s cool seeing how spirits in the spiritual realm have personalities just like you and me. If you look up what a spirit guide is, you will learn that they are guides that have lived through similar situations you are going through now. Their jobs are to help guide you along the way.

We also have guides known as gatekeepers or doorkeepers. These guides are specific to helping with Mediumship. They are seen as your point of contact with the spirit world. They assist in keeping you safe by following the boundaries you set for the spirit world. They also let you know that you are not alone so the fear of doing this work is minimized.

5. Setting Boundaries

My mentors said one of the first things you should consider when working as a Medium is setting up boundaries. By setting up boundaries will not only give you a good foundation but will help build your confidence in your ability to control how you communicate with spirits. 

Setting up boundaries is quick and easy. Once you’ve met your gatekeeper all you have to do is give them a list of all your boundaries. They are there to help you so they will honor your list, I promise. I speak from experience when I say gatekeepers are truly amazing. They help you feel like you are in control without having to do any work. Some people think that mediumship is challenging but if you do the work before you start it is easy. I can’t stress enough that your spirit team is there to help you. They love to help so put them to work! Here’s an example of a few of my boundaries to get the ball rolling. Again, you can have 100 things on your list. But what makes you feel safe and what will help you grow.

  • Setup office hours

Yes, this is a thing. Spirits are not allowed to contact me at nighttime unless my Gatekeeper allows it. I should state that there are special moments when a spirit will come but that is ONLY because they know I can help this spirit. In a sense, they know something I don’t know. TRUST your gatekeeper. They know what they are doing.

  • No spirit contact in the shower 

I’ve seen those scary movies where the spirits show up and you’re in the shower. No, no, and NOPE! I am not interested. Don’t get me wrong I know Hollywood stretches the imagination, but I don’t want to even entertain that thought, would you?

  • Setup the location of where spirits should be

Female spirits stand to the right and male spirits stand to the left. This helps me to quickly understand the energy that is stepping forward.

  • Negative spirits, entities, etc. are not allowed within the personal bubble

You know that feeling when someone is close to you in the checkout line at the grocery store. You want to look at them and say, “personal bubble please!”  Well, I have a bubble for the not-so-nice spirits. My gatekeeper has been instructed to not allow these spirits around me. I do have moments when I give readings and I ask my gatekeeper to allow the spirit to step forward. My gatekeeper knows that he must remain present and stand between us.
There are a few moments I can recall when negative spirits yell, scream or have gotten a little too close for comfort. When these moments happen, I immediately tell my gatekeeper to remove the spirit and they do. It’s pretty amazing how quickly my gatekeeper works.

  • When I feel exhausted or stressed spirits are not allowed to step forward

You will learn, if you haven’t already, It takes a lot of energy to communicate with spirits. When you first start it’s completely normal to feel drained of energy. You need to remember to take care of yourself. This means drinking plenty of water, eating healthy, and getting rest. When I am exhausted, I find it hard to focus and my vibration is lower. In moments like these, it’s best to wait until you have a higher vibration and more energy.

6. Dedication and Practice

Just as a musician, artist, or athlete may practice for improving their abilities, making a commitment to Mediumship development and practicing developmental exercises will likewise enhance effective spirit communication.

If life seems to take over and you don’t have time for Mediumship, that’s okay. If your stressed about not practicing don’t be. Finish what you need to do and then jump back in. It’s better to be refreshed and rested. You need to remember this practice takes time and energy. I suggest starting slow if you find you are short on time. You can start by listening to tones or calm music at the gym while you stretch, or in the car on your way to work, or even in the kitchen while doing the dishes.

7. Trust What you Receive

Trust what you receive from spirit. It is normal to doubt yourself at first and blame it on your creative mind. Don’t get me wrong, your imagination does play a role in spirit discussions in the beginning, but you will soon find that you’ve made a genuine connection as you become better in time. Once you start getting information it truly depends on you to open and receive any details forthcoming from the spirits you have connected with.

If you are just beginning your training, or presently a practicing Mediumship, it’s simple to lose self-confidence when spirit contact does not seem to happen immediately. To overcome this, simply believe in yourself and then practice, practice, practice.

This is one of the courses I used when building up my mediumship skills! They are truly amazing! They offer a few courses online too!  (

I will continue to update this list as time goes by. Make sure to stop by for additional updates!

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