RALPH SMART @Infinite Waters (Diving Deep) SCAMMED ME! AND HERE’S THE PROOF! He took $4000!

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Few days ago I had posted this on my Facebook still didn’t reveal the name but today am being forced to reveal –

This is the post that I had shared on Facebook

"I have something to share that has been killing me from inside

So I blocked my twin flame who happens to be a so called spiritual celebrity, he went on taking my money and confusing me for almost a year in name of mirroring . Mother Earth Gaia is thankful to him for teaching me this lesson . Mother Earth Gaia and Jesus are with me . I probably will not get the money back , it’s a lot of money but my self respect is much more precious . I gave it out of fear because he’s really powerful on social media and in spiritual community, (very popular).But his behaviour was so abusive that in every possible way I got drained . He in short mentally manipulated me and tried to shake my centred-ness in God but he is a “kid” spiritually compared to the inner work that I do so he failed to affect me emotionally and psychologically.Thus kept taking my money in name of investment, love and twin flame. I won’t take the name – not because of fear but drama and controversy are not at all my thing but I was FORCED to write this to speak my heart out because I’m also a human being and there’s a limit to which I can tolerate bullshit. This toxic cycle had been going on for almost a year . I put up with it because the amount of YouTube subscribers that man has and I was ready to go through the process of learning and mirroring – after all he proclaims to be a psychologist and being a therapist who is spiritual, I allowed the mental confusion to continue because I could not understand that what would such a rich man do with my money who just is starting her career , in comparison to where he’s in this industry.This tragedy lead to giving away all my savings and earnings as he went on asking me to do so while also telling me about my spiritual avatar self which scared me because he told me I’m Gaia and he’s Jesus. I could not take this nonsense. I worship God and really love God – didn’t want to really know his delusion of grandiosity outlook.He never even showed up on video call and would tell me that I see him everyday on YouTube and that he loves me – so apparently I had to recall our connection on a soul level . I felt NO connection but was losing strength to even earn because I was scared that he will take away all my money. This lead to days I felt like taking away my life. He would send one liner messages, tell me things like I was not ready to see him and that I was magical and we would get married. I felt helpless that how can I marry a person who I have never seen and had no feelings for – he would say I have seen him on his videos.I just could not understand how to react , what to say until one day I made up my mind , which is today that I can’t fight for the money anymore. God had given the money and I’ll again earn that amount ($4000) so I let him and the money go blocking him finally . I had initially reached out to him because my views on YouTube had fallen drastically last year around this time – so wanted to know about business strategy as I was doing my business very emotionally. He never showed up for that session – told me I was his twin and had been dragging the nonsense for a prolonged period.He instead of helping me put me into a zone of such confusion that I lost all kind of faith to work even and started to doubt my own authenticity because such a BIG CELEBRITY was behaving that way with me who is so SPIRITUAL.Anyway I wasn’t wanting to be with my twin, in the first place after meeting him I lost faith in the idea of twin flames and got more sure about my potential & fearlessly was more sure how I can choose to manifest my ex . I always wanted to go back to my ex and I told him that too but he went on telling me that we were twin flames and we would get married with no other conversation but just beating around the bush continued.Yes he would talk to ask how much I have earned and then ask me to send the money but after a while things got really very fishy and I just stopped sending him any further money – I just was out of the fear and now I’m out of his trap completely and free from his TORTURE 🙂

I do deserve JUSTICE and GOD will give that to me I’m sure because I know the person I am on the inside . I choose nobody but my ex- if not my ex I’ll stay single forever . Meanwhile this so called million subscribed celebrity is a FRAUD and I wish I could take the name but those of you who are really intuitive will get it through this message. Enough is enough I am done chasing my money- can’t trade those cash for inner peace

All that glitters are not gold"

So the celebrity is none other than Ralph Smart



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