Running – Dream Meaning

If you dream of being unable to run quickly or even at all, it could be because in your life right now, some things just aren’t going well for you. What do I mean by this? 

Well, you might feel like giving up on everything and avoiding any sort of effort at improvement or personal growth. But don’t worry – sometimes dreams can give us a glimpse into what we need so badly but haven’t been able (or willing) to see yet.

What does this dream symbolize? The meaning behind this symbol is unassertiveness, pessimism, and hopelessness. The interpretation suggests negative insights about ourselves which, may relate to either personally growing situations challenging experiences, desired pleasures, or maybe even escapism.

Trying to run in a dream is frustrating because you feel as if you are trying so hard to move but you’re not getting anywhere. How about the dreams where you want to run but you are frozen? Those dreams are terrifying, am I right?!

Normally, dreams of running can be seen as a symbol of victory, motivation, and success. On the contrary, if you see yourself frozen in time and can’t seem to get your feet to move then this may symbolize your lack of self-esteem and confidence. It could also reflect the actual state you are in while dreaming, where REM paralysis has set in.