Nov 22 - Dec 21

All About Sagittarius:

Sagittarius is a sign that enjoys roaming around and hates the thought of being stuck in a boring routine. The curiosity about all things drives them to have a daring lifestyle that allows them to move around and enjoy their love for questioning the world. They love dreaming about its mysteries and experiencing all the best pleasures it offers. Many have a large group of friends they have collected throughout their travels, all of who have different opinions, tastes, and experiences.

This zodiac sign can be rather restless with people who are happy staying in their routines or accepting things without questioning other possibilities. They find peace and consistency in pursuing spiritual experiences. They love to understand the “why’s” behind everything. They seem to have an unquenchable curiosity that is deeply rooted in their character. People who fall under the zodiac sign of Sagittarius tend to be extremely intelligent and need great deals of psychological stimulation to keep themselves encouraged.

Ruled By The 9th House - Travel & Spirituality:

The ninth house in Sagittarius speaks of a higher mind, in a way, and reveals one’s requirement to travel, learn, and expand their horizons as much as possible. The trouble with this position is kept in the inability to go deep enough to ground ideas and psychological belief systems.

Even though these individuals can be incredible instructors, lawyers, gurus, or motivational speakers, they will often have trouble accepting change as a necessary tool for improvement. Sticking to their ethical convictions without a doubt in their mind, they will forget that transformation is the only thing that will truly help them grow.  

Ruled By Planet JUPITER:

Individuals born under the sun sign of Sagittarius, ruled by Jupiter, tend to be blessed with development, advancement, wealth, and good luck, in generous dosages. They are also characterized by traits like justice, morality, mankind, joviality, along with high objectives. Sagittarius individuals tend to value freedom a lot and have a desire to explore. The planet relates to overseas travel, education, faith, and law. Sagittarians also show qualities like intelligence, compassion, competitiveness, extrovert, outstanding interaction, and enthusiasm.


“Sagittarius are very open and accepting, most of the time. They get highly irritated with closed-minded people.”

Sagittarius are very open and accepting, most of the time. They get highly irritated with closed-minded people. It is difficult to keep them in one place for too long. Don’t waste your time trying to tie a Sagittarius down; they like to be one the move. They also tend to get bored easily and quickly. These individuals are also blindly optimistic and restless. 


“Sagittarius are highly optimistic and open-minded individuals. If you are around a Sagittarius, you may have noticed they tend to be very straightforward and honest. “

Sagittarius are highly optimistic and open-minded individuals. If you are around a Sagittarius, you may have noticed they are very straightforward and honest. You never have to second guess what they are thinking. They also have luck about them that seems to follow them everywhere. They are always at the right place at the right time.

Love & Relationships:

Sagittarius needs to have stay on the move with constant adventures and opportunities to grow to stay interested. Freedom is very important to Sagittarius, therefore, making it difficult for them to commit to a relationship. These individuals live for the chase and are hard to pin down. They expect and give lots of freedom to their significant other. They have an understanding of how important it is to have space to grow, explore, and develop as people.

They tend to have partners who enjoy adventure, travel, and spirituality as much as they do. Always passionate, they are curious about love and their optimism is another gift that they will share with their partners. While they appear to like speaking about whatever under the sun, one thing they will have a problem speaking about is their feelings. Always living in the present moment, their love for their partners will be earnest, sincere, and true, though often fleeting. For many of them, the depth of feelings does not equate to a long-term commitment.

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