Oct 23 - Nov 21

All About Scorpio:

Alone time is very important for Scorpios. They enjoy it so much that they can become irritated if they are not given their time to be alone. They are among the most independent signs of the zodiac and work effectively by themselves. Because of their independence, they tend to mature rapidly as kids and become fiercely determined grownups.

Scorpio individuals also seem fearless which allows them to try new things and challenge themselves with the unknown. They have strong credibility of being bold, and because of this, other signs seek them for inspiration. Their bravery and courage, alongside their protectiveness towards others who cannot stand for themselves, typically indicates that they are positioned in leadership positions.

Scorpios are deeply interested in revealing truths; the inner functions of others and the human mind. Scorpios can stumble upon as one of the more controlling and devious signs. They also have a paradoxical quality about them. You may meet a Scorpio that is both aloof and enthusiastic and one that is independent, but also clingy.

Ruled By The 8th House - Sex, Death, & Loss:

The eighth house contains all of the endings and beginnings in life in one place. These individuals accept the entire cycle of life and death compared to others around them. The Fears they carry with them can go to various extremes. They can quickly move from panic to bravery for example. While on the one hand they are prepared to deal with any difficulty that comes their way, they will give in to mass hysteria in a minute. This may make it difficult when trying to connect with them on who they were a few moments ago.

If Mars and Pluto provide strong support, we will see that these individuals have an almost magical capability to face danger and stay calm in the most difficult circumstances. It’s almost as if their entire energetic body is constantly ready. Depending on the position of the Moon their waters will be tidy and their emotional state simple.

Ruled By Planet Pluto:

Scorpio, the eighth sign of the zodiac, has the mighty Pluto as its ruling planet. As per Roman folklore, “Pluto” is the God of the underworld and wealth. In the realm of astrology, Pluto is known as “The Renewed”. It is associated with that which destroys is renewed. This position brings hidden desires to the surface. 

The ruling planet Pluto bestows Scorpios with authority, accomplishment, and the need to collaborate and share with others. The planet also has a strong need for power. Sometimes, it is believed that Pluto rules the eighth house, in collaboration with Mars. The individuals dominated by it show qualities like charm, mystical appeals, reliability, patience, inquisitiveness, suspicion, versatility, and secrecy. 


“Scorpio individuals are seen as vindictive, paranoid, and possessive. Scorpios have a need for control that can make them seem jealous and intolerant. “

Scorpio individuals are seen as vindictive, paranoid, and possessive. Scorpios have a need for control that can make them seem jealous and intolerant. These individuals love to analyze everything and everyone around them which can sometimes lead to them becoming very suspicious without any real reason. Scorpios can also seem untrustworthy to some because of their ability to be quiet and keep secrets. 


“Scorpios may appear cold or unapproachable with an intimidating factor about them when you first meet them, but they are very passionate and emotional people.”

Scorpios are rather private individuals with the love of getting to the truth of everything. Their intuition is also normally spot on about others making them keen at deciphering the essence behind things. These individuals are also very driven and determined with a self-sacrificing manner about them. 

Scorpios are very protective of themselves as well as others. They will fiercely  protect their friends and family. They are also great secret keepers and tend to give great advice because they love knowing how the mind works. If you are looking for a good competition you can reach out to a Scorpio who will gladly accept the challenge. They are highly competitive individuals although some rarely show it. 

Love & Relationships:

In their romantic relationships, Scorpios are one of the most passionate of all the zodiac signs. They deeply enjoy the fun associated with intimacy, both physical and emotional. To a Scorpio, relationships are about allowing your inner self to shine by exposing the truth under the surface. We need to keep in mind that Scorpios conceal their emotions. Which is what they sometimes presume that must be the case for others as well. 

It is difficult at times to resist a Scorpio. Many of these individuals tend to have a magnetic field around them that will draw what they want close to them. Their trust doesn’t come quickly or easily, but when they do open up, sharing with you their numerous complex layers, they anticipate their vulnerability to be well taken care of and protected. They return that respect with an intense commitment. Since Scorpios are picky on who they allow in their inner circle, particularly when it pertains to their partner, you can become one of the individuals that matter most to them in the world. 

One thing to remember is to never ever cross or betray them. They are protective of their feelings and this can make them want to leave rather than stay and get hurt. If they are hurt in the relationship for whatever reason, they do not forget ever. They hold grudges and anybody who cheats on a Scorpio should keep a close eye on their back.