Site Rules

Can I have more than one account?
No, if for some reason you feel the need (which takes a lot of extra work on your end) to create another account after you are banned then your IP address will be blocked from forums.

Are readings free on Intuitive Lifestyles Consulting forum?
There will be opportunities for free readings given by volunteers and moderators. Unless you schedule a session with the Team at Intuitive Lifestyle Consulting, we do not permit any payments be accepted through this forum under any circumstances. Intuitive Lifestyles Consulting is not responsible for any payments made through the forum section. Please be aware of scams that may come up in the forums. We ask you to just be aware and if something does not seem right it probably isn’t.

Do not post harmful or offensive pictures, posts, or links.
If any material is found that causes harassment, abuse, or slander will be immediately removed, and the individual will be banned from the site. Intuitive Lifestyles Consulting wants this forum to be a place where individuals can feel safe to share ideas, knowledge, etc. We do not want to muddy the waters by posting ridiculous stuff that is hurtful or just… well not needed in this environment.

Don’t be dumb be respectful of others and their opinions.
Everyone has the same rights you do when it comes to stating opinions. With that said, don’t be dumb and attack or insult others if their opinions don’t match yours. Everyone can disagree but explain your prospective and move on. We are not in kindergarten so please just be respectful.

What if I break a rule?
Let’s be honest who really likes rule breaking? Sure, it might give you a rush but after that your left with the consequences. Intuitive Lifestyles Consulting believes everyone has a right to be heard but let us follow the rules and be respectful. There is no need to break rules here but if you do then you will either be warned or banned for breaking a rule. Please note the administrators have the right to edit, delete, or close any thread or post without warning.