The Theme for Thursday & Friday is – Enlightenment, Forgiveness, and Health (Daily Insight 10/21 -10/22)

Daily Reading for Thursday (10/21)

Our lives are what we make them in regards to the health of our bodies, environments, and situations we are involved in. We have the opportunity to make different choices each day. I would suggest you take a look at what decisions you have been making within your life. Have you been holding on to negative emotions or situations?

When we hold on to situations or the emotions associated with them, we find that our bodies start to reflect what we are holding on to. For example, if you read Heal Your Body by Lousie Hay, you will find that when we hold on to emotions our bodies will begin to find ways to release the stored energy. For example, when we have a sore throat it could be because we aren’t speaking up in different situations. You tend to hold on to things for fear of the awkward moments or the effect our words might have on the other individual. It’s only when we acknowledge this that the energy can be released. Overall, it’s time to reassess your energy levels. It’s time to tune into your body and release what you need to. You have the power within you to heal yourself. It’s time you acknowledge this and start the healing process.

(As a disclaimer, I am not a doctor this is merely a reading with suggestions not meant to replace health advice in any way. If you are in need of medical advice please contact your doctor. See Terms of Service for Full Disclaimer.)

Chakra Reading Cards by Rachelle Charman & Mystical Wisdom Card Deck Written by Gaye Guthrie & Art by Josephine Wall

Daily Reading for Friday (10/22)

For Friday, pay attention to what is happening around you. Enlightenment is special and not normally seen but felt. It comes in the form of visions, songs on the radio, or events that don’t normally occur around you. Have you been asking for signs of reassurance or comfort? Have you been in search of something more meaningful in your life? Start to really focus on what’s around you because you could be getting the answer if you only look.

For example, it could be brought about by random butterflies or dragonflies meaning transformation or self-realization in the situation you are faced with. Reoccurring pictures of a tiger or elephant meaning more strength is needed in the situation or even luck is on the way.

Start paying attention to your intuition as well. It’s the little feeling in your stomach you get when you think you should go a certain way or do something different. Your intuition is trying to help you move forward you just need to start paying more attention to it.

Mystical Wisdom Card Deck Written by Gaye Guthrie & Art by Josephine Wall
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