This week will be full of a renewed sense of self and letting go of the past (Daily Insight 10/25 -10/27)

Daily Reading for Monday (10/25) 

This week will start off with a renewed passion for life and your career. If you felt as though you have been struggling to move forward this is a sign that you will be inspired to move forward with a renewed sense of self and purpose. You need to stay strong and believe that you are more than capable to start fresh with more happiness and joy in your life. When you understand this fact things will start to become easier. 

Daily Reading for Tuesday (10/26)

On Tuesday you take it easy and pick your battles wisely. Things may be coming more into focus for you but that doesn’t necessarily mean “easier”. We all have a path we have chosen to take. Along this path, we have elected to learn different skills and have different experiences. With that said, some skills are not easily learned and experiences can be difficult to understand or work through. 

This is, however, not a reason to give up or fight the experience you are having. You’ve made it this far in life and I bet you’ve learned a thing or two about handling situations that could arise on your journey through life. So, just take a moment and breathe before you jump into an argument or conflict. Looking at the bigger picture will help you acknowledge the best form of action to take. 

Daily Reading for Wednesday (10/27)

Wednesday will be a good time to look through the experiences in your life and reflect. How did you overcome each situation? How did you make it through to the other side? I bet the situations you have been faced were difficult at the time but you managed to overcome them. Once you reflect on the situation acknowledge the emotions that you might still be holding on to. 

Ask yourself if you still need to hold that emotion. If it’s a painful emotion understand that you are no longer in that situation. You no longer need to hold on to that emotion. This is a good time to reflect and learn to let go of what you don’t need to hold on to. Let go of what no longer serves your best and highest good. If you learn to let go of the emotions that you don’t need to hold on to you will allow room for joy and happiness to take their place. 

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