Three Quick Ways To Improve Your Intuition

Intuition is said to be a “gut feeling” you get when different situations arise. You either feel the need to react to something or get a feeling almost of disgust. It’s the feeling you have telling you to back away from something or run straight for it. 

We all have these feelings even if we don’t want to admit to them. If you’re like me then you have been looking for ways to improve your intuition. From what I researched, these three tips below will help grow your intuition quickly. 

Improve your intuition:

Guided Meditation for Inner Guidance:

1. Trust – Trust yourself and the guidance from within. When you ask a question listen and respond to the answer. Take action once an answer is presented. 

5 Minute Meditation:

2. Mediation – Set aside time each day to mediate whether it’s through a guided mediation (great ones found on YouTube) or just listening to music and calming the mind. I’d suggest a minimum of 10 – 15 minutes each day. 

Guided Meditation For Spirit Guide Guidance:

3. Ask for guidance often – Ask yourself questions then take a moment to just listen to what answers you receive. Try to be clear in your question. The more clear the question the better the answer. 

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