Aug 23 - Sep 22

All About Virgo:

Those born under the Virgo sign may appear extremely calm on the surface but have a lot going on under the surface. This may be due to the fact that Virgo’s are constantly paying attention to the tiniest details. Virgo’s deep sense of humanity also makes them one of the most cautious signs of the zodiac. However, these individuals are overly eager which can lead them to jump quickly to conclusions.  

They love their alone time. If a Virgo feels secure and the needs of both love and affection are met, they would be perfectly happy alone. They, in some cases, enjoy their alone time more than fraternizing with others. Being so detail-oriented, they can typically be very self-critical. Their potential for perfectionism usually can be eased with a stressful activity. Virgo individuals tend to find peace in their pursuit of improvement. 

Ruled By The 6th House - Health & Routine:

The connection between the 6th house and Virgo is exceptionally strong and grounding for this individual. These individuals find that as long as they are able to focus their energy in the right direction they have the ability to heal and materialize anything they wish. Virgo individuals are extremely modest. If they don’t find a career path they love and enjoy they will feel as though the joy has been taken away from their life. Work must be enjoyed, and Venus appreciated more than in other natal positions so that health can be preserved and one’s routine is pleasurable and healthy at the same time.

Ruled By Planet MERCURY:

Mercury, which is also the ruling planet of the Gemini, is the ruling planet of Virgo’s zodiac sign. According to the Roman legend, Mercury was the Messenger God, who represented flexibility and made the best possible use of the available resources. Individuals ruled by Mercury follow ideas and morals that resonate with what is popular at a given time.

Individuals born under the Virgo sun sign tend to be restless with the inability to remain still for a very long time. Mercury is the planet of interaction and wisdom and are associated mainly with the mind. Those ruled by Mercury tend to utilize their intellect more than impulses and tend to be joyful in nature, just like young kids. 


“Virgo individuals are highly critical of themselves. If left unchecked they can become negative towards everyone around them and towards themselves.”

Virgo’s are often full of anxiety due to their perfectionist mindset. If they are unable to find “busy work” they will become vulnerable to having nervous breakdowns. Virgo individuals are highly critical of themselves. If left unchecked they can become negative towards everyone around them as well as toward themselves. They are often filled with stress and anxiety, and if they are unable to find busywork of self-improvement, they may become vulnerable to nervous breakdowns. Their genuine desire to help people with their criticisms can in some cases be unwanted; making others irritated and annoyed. 


“Virgo’s are humble, logical, and responsible individuals. They are highly detailed which allows them to create order within what may seem chaotic. “

Virgos are usually humble, practical hard workers who like to better themselves.  Individuals with this sign are very discerning. They can quickly pick out the weaknesses and strengths of others but are done with the purest intentions in order to help those they care about. Virgo’s are very responsible and reliable individuals. They take all of their responsibilities seriously, so you can count on them to show-up when needed. 

Love & Relationships:

Like within other parts of their lives, Virgo’s are incredibly particular – meaning they take their time in finding the “right one”. They are content in staying single, choosing to wait until they find what they’re looking for. When they finally fall in love, they are loyal and very dedicated. They will not settle for anything less than true love.

Virgo individuals are quite picky when it comes to dates, cleanliness of the house, where to eat, and more. These individuals are rather reserved and can be withdrawn when it comes to revealing their true feelings. Instead of using flowery words or body movement, the method they choose to show their love is by showering them with loyalty. As soon as they are in a relationship, they tend to be the ones who do not leave unless there is a severe betrayal.

Virgo’s are very dedicated and willing to work hard for the right one. Virgo’s have a fantastic propensity to forgive as well, meaning that problems in relationships do not always imply the end of the line for them.