Weekend Insight (10/16 -10/17)

Ashley’s Insight:

This weekend you should focus on your current situations and the progress you are making towards your goals. If you are not on track to your goals this is the perfect time to re-evaluate your life and put yourself back on track. You need to give yourself a little more compassion and nurturing as well. When we set goals for ourselves it seems like challenges or obstacles jump up immediately in our way. 

Refocus and understand these may seem to be challenges when they are merely opportunities to put your skillset to use. You’ve trained your whole life for situations you find yourself in. Take a step back from your situation and look at the bigger picture. These obstacles are challenging you to be better and grow.

Towards the end of the weekend take time to just breathe and relax. Understand that everything in your life is happening as it should and all is well. Maybe take a lazy day and watch movies, go for a walk, or just sit outside and enjoy the weather. Taking out time to just be in the moment will be very important on Sunday. 

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