Zodiac Signs

Zodiac Signs

Twelve is a number of great significance in the physical and spiritual realms, representing completeness both here on Earth as well as beyond. The Moon’s twelve orbits around our planet match with the Twelve Tribes of Israel to symbolize fullness within humanity – an impressive correlation that further amplifies its transcendent impact! It also coincides perfectly with four times three; these being the elements which comprise any material realm alongside its modes present in spirit. Quite remarkable indeed!

Mankind’s essential connection to nature is embodied in the four ancient elements of Fire, Air, Earth and Water. For centuries these core components have enabled our very survival – providing us with warmth from fire, breathable air through windy days, sustaining water for hydration and nourishment taken directly from Mother Nature herself via food grown on land. Our reliance upon this elemental being has long been etched into human civilization’s history as a reminder that without them we too would be nothing more than just another part of their incredible cycle.

By looking at Astrology, each of us is a complex bundle of different elements. These are manifested in the way we behave and interact with others; someone who has lots of enthusiasm could fairly be dubbed ‘fiery’ while somebody lost in the clouds would naturally earn an ‘air head’ label. In understanding these aspects to human nature, self-reflection can prove particularly enlightening.

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With the vastness of outer space providing backdrop for our existence, humanity has long looked to its stars for knowledge and understanding. Through astrology we have identified four essential elements – Fire, Earth, Air and Water- that are shared by all twelve zodiac signs. The fire signs are  Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

Fire signs are endowed with a strong and passionate spirit that can often be seen in their enthusiasm for life. Those born under this astrological sign have abundant energy, radiate warmth, and express themselves easily through creative pursuits – though they may also find that their fiery temper gets the best of them at times.

If you have an Air sign in your birth chart, allowing yourself to unlock the power of ideas could be especially rewarding. Ruled by a creative intellectual spirit, these star signs can help us explore our surroundings and communicate more effectively with others. As architects of brilliant concepts before they are even tangible, connecting deeply with this element may just open up new pathways for success.


The Water signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces will act as a conduit for emotion – they are more likely to connect on an instinctive level than rely on rationality. Linked with the water element itself, this emotive energy is best expressed in times of joy or sorrow when tears can be shed and feelings liberated.

Those born under the zodiac earth signs, Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn are naturally inclined to focus their energies on making tangible changes in our world. Their dedication for practical pursuits keeps them living life firmly rooted in reality – ever present-minded individuals constantly engaging with what they can sense around them.

Matter is made up of mysterious elements that express themselves in three unique ways – it’s almost like a story.


The beginning, or Cardinal Mode, illustrates the birth of an idea and its journey as it comes into existence. In Astrology this temporal sequence holds powerful symbolism for all beings. At the midpoint of an event, when things have percolated to their pinnacle moment and are firmly entrenched in place – that’s what we call the Fixed Mode. It is a powerful phase where ideas take hold with great strength.As one chapter ends, another begins; such is the beauty of Mutable Mode. This phase facilitates a seamless transition between events, allowing room for fresh ideas and new beginnings. 


Every business and every season follow the same pattern of growth, stasis, and decline. Cardinal gives beginnings a spark to ignite success; Fixed brings consistency in production throughout its prime time; finally Mutable reminds us that everything ultimately has an expiration date – regardless of if it is from blossoming or fading away.



As the long days of summer stretch on, we enter into a unique period in Astrology with each successive sign having its own dynamic nature. In July, Cancer marks our entry point as Cardinal energy drives us forward; August brings Leo’s Fixed power to steady and stabilize before Virgo mellows out things at September’s end with Mutable grace.

Have you ever been amazed by someone who can come up with a revolutionary idea at the drop of a hat? Or perhaps known somebody so resolute they never back down from their point-of-view?


 How about that one person always willing to get along, embracing any opinion as if it were their own? These diverging qualities derive from different signs in astrology. Each sign is endowed its distinct gifts and trials – traits which are reflected in those born under them through cosmic influence. As we journey across the Zodiac we witness an evocative representation of elements (fire, air, earth and water) progressing through cardinality, fixidity or mutability for us all to behold.

History of Zodiac Signs

Humans have been trying to understand how their lives are influenced by the stars for thousands of years. The oldest horoscope is from 410 B.C.